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أختبار اللغة الأنجليزية اليوم 24/8/2008

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أختبار اللغة الأنجليزية اليوم 24/8/2008

مُساهمة من طرف Admin في الأحد أغسطس 24, 2008 12:17 pm

اللغة الانجليزية للابتدائى C11
1- Which of the following is NOT a complete sentence?
(a) He saw a fire and called the police.
(b) I had a cheese sandwich for lunch.
(c) All the girls in my class who sit in the back.
(d) She studied very hard and got good grades.
2- Choose the corrct answer: The picture________ to the museum.
(a) being given (b) given (c) was given (d) gave
3- Which of the following pairs has words that sound different?
(a) wait – weight (b) tour – tower (c) site – sight (d) right - write
4- Which part of speech fits in the blank in the following sentence?
The students went to school ________.
(a) adjective
(b) noun
(c) adverb
(d) verb
5- Which of following is NOT a pair of antonyms (opposite in meaning) ?
(a) alive - dead
(b) easy - simple
(c) absent - present
(d) light - dark
6- What is the part of speech of the underlined word? Playing sports is very healthy.
(a) noun
(b) verb
(c) adjective
(d) adverb
7- Which of the following is a pair of synonyms (similar in meaning)?
(a) principal - teacher
(b) door - window
(c) end - continue
(d) start - begin
8- Choose the correct answer: Don't go up that ladder. It doesn't look ________.
(a) safe
(b) safely
(c) safest
(d) safety
9- Which one of the following is a simple sentence?
(a) I had a toothache, so I went to the dentist.
(b) Mona washed the dishes and Soha dried them.
(c) The girls who are at the back aren't paying any attention.
(d) Karim and Adel have been studying Arabic and English for a year.

- I ------------- the book but when I heard what the critics said I changed my mind.
a) was going to buy
2 - She ------------- him before 1968.
c) had seen
3 - It was snowing when the refugees ------------- .
b) arrived
4 - Mary is waiting ------------- the Queen.
a) to see
5 - She doesn’t want ------------- her.
c) anybody to help
6 - In the year 2005,he ------------- working here for 50 years.
d) had been
7 - You ------------- drive carefully. The roads are slippery.
c) had better
8 - He doesn’t smoke. -------------
d) Neither do I.
9 - It’s raining. We have to return home, ------------- ?
a) don't we
10 - He knew everything ------------- was going on.
d) that
11 - Students have to spend a lot of time studying ------------- their own.
a) on
12 - He is very famous ------------- Great Britain.
b) all over
13 - They’re staying with their parents ------------- the time being.
b) for
14 - ____________ all her efforts the party was ruined.
a) In spite of
15- Keep your children away from this medicine ! It’s -------------.
b) deadly
16- Shakespeare has written many poems. He is a ------------- poet.
d) great
17- This new pot is -------------. You can put it on the stove.
b) heatproof
18- The patient is now in a ------------- condition.
c) critical
19- The new Saudi ------------- are twenty and two hundreds.
d) banknotes
20- I wish you a good result in your exam. When are you ------------- it ?
b) taking
21 - The Roman armies were defeated in 622 A.D.
d) beaten
22 - Bad deeds are disgraceful.
a) shameful
23 - Birds expand their wings when they are flying.
b) inflate
24 - The population in Saudi Arabia increased from eight millions to fourteen millions in the past ten years.
d) ascended
25- The main topic of this passage is ------------- .
d) Cars and the American Life
26 - The automobile has had ------------- on the American society.
c) an obvious effect
27 - The American father -------------.
b) may share his car with other colleagues.
28 - The American family may spend the weekend -------------.
c) out of town.
29 - Thanks to the automobile, all American States have become -------------.
a) within reach.
30 - Most American families ------------- cars.
a) cannot afford
31 - The word ‘ which ‘ in the first line of the second paragraph refers to -------------.
c) changes
32 - -------------- is a feature in human language that allows for the making and interpretation of an infinite number of messages.
d) Displacement
33 - The Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis is associated with ------------- .
b) the behaviorist theory
34 - ------------- validity refers to the correlation between test scores and a trustworthy external criterion.
d) rational
35- In constructing language tests, items are said to be satisfactory if ------------- .
c) they improve students’ proficiency
36 - Transformational grammar -------------.
c) tries to modify the learner’s linguistic behavior
37 - ------------- suffixes do not usually change the grammatical class of the words to which they are attached.
c) Morphological
38 - A native speaker can in most cases -------------.
a) give an account of the rules of his language.
39 - The Critical Period Hypothesis presents strong evidence for the ------------- theory of language acquisition.
a) cognitive
40 - In the production of ------------- the passage of the air stream is relatively unobstructed.
b) nasals
41 - In the grammar translation method, ------------- .
b) grammar is taught inductively
42 - Within the cognitive approach, language acquisition is seen as ------------- .
c) skill formation
43 - The eclectic method of foreign language teaching necessitates that the teachers ------ .
c) apply one method in each class period
44 - The best course design is the one that ------------- .
d) all of the above.
45 - ------------- is such a natural and normal human activity that few aspects of it really need much overt instruction.
b) Speaking + c) Reading
46 - For students learning to read in a new language some previous ------------- ability is necessary.
c) oral language
47 - Teaching productive skills means teaching ------------- .
d) writing and speaking
48 - The technique of ------------- is an activity where a student needs information from others to complete a particular task.
a) filling in a blank
49 - The primary objective in teaching speaking is the development of ------------- ability.
a) oral communication
50 - Grammar teaching is the explicit teaching of language ------------- .
c) function
51 - Reading in a second language normally requires processes similar to reading in a ---------------- language.
a) first
52 - In preparing a test for intensive reading we should note that ----------- texts should used.
c) long, detailed
53 - Process oriented writing instruction places more emphasis on the ----------- in producing a piece of writing.
d) time that writers spend
54 - Good pronunciation requires the ability to correctly produce and use ----------- .
a) Sounds, stress, and intonation.
55 - A crossword puzzle helps students develop ----------- knowledge.
c) lexical
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